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PowerPoint Tutorial 

(How to get the photos from this CD into a PowerPoint Presentation)
This tutorial assumes you know how to perform basic PowerPoint functions:

a. How to create a new file with blank slides
b. How to add a new slide
c. How to save and retrieve your file
If you're an experienced PowerPoint user, just read steps 5-7, in bold

  1. Open PowerPoint and create a new slide presentation with a blank slide
  2. In the Web browser, locate the photo you want to use for the first slide. Make a note of the file name of the photo and it's location on the CD for possible later reference. You can see the file location in the address bar of your browser.
  3. Now you are going to insert the photo on the first slide. There are several ways to do this.
  4. We'll start with the simplest method which may not work depending on your browser and version of PowerPoint. (I am using Internet Explorer 6.0 and PowerPoint 2000.)

  5. In the browser, right-click on the photo and select "copy" from the drop down menu. If "copy" is not an option, then skip to step 9 to get the photo
  6. In PowerPoint menu bar, select "Edit>Paste Special..."
  7. In the Paste Special dialogue box that appears, select "bitmap" from the list of options and click OK.
    The image should appear on the slide.
  8. If this method was successful you can skip to step 11 for more tips.

  9. If the above method does not work, you can use other methods to insert the Photo. In PowerPoint menu bar, select Insert> Picture>From File...
  10. In the Insert picture Dialog box, locate the photo as noted in step 2. and click "Insert"

  11. The little squares on the corners of the image are handles that you can use to click and drag to stretch the image to cover the whole slide.
  12. If you used one of the "Full Size" images, you may have to zoom out to access the edges of the slide to resize it.
  13. Preview the slide show by selecting Slide Show>View show or use the keyboard shortcut (F5 key)
  14. Select Insert>New Slide, or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) to create a new slide. Continue to add pictures until you're done

Q. What's the difference between using the images in the Photo Gallery versus the "Full Size Images"?

A. Most of the Photo Gallery images are about 600 X 400 pixels and are 30-50Kb in file size. If you stretch these to fill the slide, you will lose a little quality. Using the full size images will result in better quality slides. On the other hand, the full size images are much larger than you need in PowerPoint and will make your presentation file larger. If you want to optimise your PowerPoint image quality and file size, use an image editor to resize the images to 960 X 720. Before you go through all this trouble, test the image quality using the Photo Gallery Images versus the full size to see if you can tell the difference.

Q. What if I want to add text to my slides but I used blank slides and there's no text entry box.

A. You can click on Insert>Text Box, then click and drag on the slide to add a text box. If you plan to speak during the slide presentation, your audience will appreciate it if you leave off the captions. Scientific research has proven that there is nothing more annoying on earth than having a presenter read from their PowerPoint Slides. 

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